PedCabinet™ Add-On

Store your Documents and files with your Animals.

Yet another PedFast innovation.

You have files for your animals.  Contracts, registration forms, pedigrees, entry forms and others.  Now store those files inside your database along with your animals with the PedCabinet™ add-on.

Easy to Use.

Drag your files into an animal's PedCabinet.  Keep notes and comments as well as a familiar name.

Open your files easily with the correct Windows program - automatically.

Drag to add one or more files!

It's all designed with your ease in mind.


PedCabinet™ has built-in preview functions for:

  • PDF Files
  • Word Documents
  • RTF Files
  • Images/Photos

Rapidly view data without waiting for Windows to fire up a program.


Every file in a PedCabinet™ is embedded into your database. When you back up your database, you back up these files too.

Nobody can read any PedCabinet™ files unless they use our program to get to them. Keep confidential files confidential.


PedCabinet™ is compatible with the latest patches of each of the following programs:

  • The Breeder’s Standard® 2018, 2020 and newer
  • The Cattery’s Standard™ 2019 and newer
  • iPed™ 6G, 7G and newer

To use PedCabinet, simply select the animal, and click the PedCabinet button for the animal.

Available Now!

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Try Now

If you have any of the programs listed above, make sure you are on the latest patch, , simply select the animal, and click the PedCabinet button for the animal.

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Buy Now!

PedCabinet is priced at only $25.99 and requires one of the programs listed above.

You can order PedCabinet right now, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on our secure order site. Click Here and select PedCabinet to order.

Frequently-Asked Questions

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How many files per animal?

Up to a billion files per animal.  2 TB file size limit per file.

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What if I have a file that isn't a PDF or a document or an Image?

You can still store it in PedCabinet, and if Windows has a program to open it, the file open function will work.

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